A Clean Slate About Food

The good news is that Sue has not been indoctrinated with too many food theories that are going to be hard to shake. She has tried to eat less to lose weight, but that seldom works for long. If she ends up joining a weight loss program, counts her calories along with fat grams, and slims down for a little while, it’s not likely to be a long term solution. Never feeling fully satisfied will bite her in the end. She will more than likely get sick of being constantly hungry
and go back to Pizza Palace Buffet to get a fix. Nor will joining a weight loss club or ordering their expensive diet meals help to nourish the rest of her family. They’ll still be eating boxed mac and cheese while she eats her own tinier boxed meal. Boxes everywhere, and who can get full on those puny meals?
The timing is perfect now for Sue to make lasting changes. She still has an open mind. She can easily learn new food lessons, tips, and tricks. The simplicity of these truths will make sense to her because they are not extreme. Once she understands how the foods she currently chooses on a daily basis destroy her figure and health, and learns how to wisely replace them, she will have direction.

She’ll have a foundation to build good health precepts, layer upon layer, for herand her family. Not only will she change her own health, but she’ll break the cycle of the “junk food mothering” she grew up with. Her children will have a head start at finding lasting health and be able to pass this down to their own offspring.
Sue is not likely to change into a Granola Mom. In fact, she doesn’t have to become the Granola Mom type. Don’t worry, Sue, you don’t have to transform yourself into the woman who takes recycled organic cloth grocery bags to the co-op and sings “Kumbaya” with your children in the big white van on the way home, all the while crunching on carrot sticks. But, you can learn simple, whole food cooking little by little and even find enjoyment in it.
Sue can take small steps toward getting her life back, rather than staying stagnant and floundering around in confusion. A few simple changes is all it’s going to take. A few new habits to replace old harmful ones, and her family, along with her figure, can take on a new healthier path.

Sue can turn her racing blood sugar levels around with a little basic knowledge. She doesn’t need to become a gourmet chef and spend hours in the kitchen. Instead, she will learn how to make quick prep meals that are centered around healthy protein forms, rather than relying on fast food chicken nuggets or frozen, breaded chicken nuggets. Sue will learn to use the crock-pot for easy and nourishing evening meals that will help draw the family together, settle her children, and bring their minds and bodies sustenance. Her husband and children will think she’s become a fantastic cook, and she will experience great satisfaction watching them eat healthier foods with little effort on her part. She needs to include more life-giving enzymes in her diet in the form of raw foods. She’ll feel so much better when her diet no longer consists of dead foods. The addition of speedy, no fuss salads with a sprinkle or two of flax or chia seeds, and a handful of low glycemic fruits like berries will help cleanse her body and help her go poopy. Yay! These are easy additions, no rocket science required.
Creamy and quick protein-based smoothies in the morning will only take as much time as toasting a pop tart, but will help change her body from the inside out. They’ll be just like a thick shake, filling and full of fiber, which will only benefit her more in the bathroom depart-ment, and will work with her “on the go” lifestyle. Or, if she prefers, she could eat our Muffin in a Mug for breakfast (Morning Meals, Chapter 18). Who doesn’t love a big chocolate muffin for breakfast? Or, maybe she’ll prefer a cinnamon muffin with a pat of butter. This muffin has ample protein, is full of fiber, and most importantly, is absolutely delicious. Sue will love the fact that she can easily make it from start to finish within three minutes. Even the most inept person in the kitchen can master this recipe.
Switching to whole grains in smaller quantities in place of the white burger buns, boxed cereals, and crackers, will lower her surging insulin problem and again add more fiber. She’ll finally throw the laxatives away. She can add a natural magnesium supplement before bed each night which will help her nerve health and give added assurance for regularity in the morning.

Sue can take delicious and filling sandwiches with her when she goes out. She’ll still be able to eat them with her favorite fillings such as deli meats, chicken, or egg salad. She’ll just change her bread casings to smarter choices that are much easier on her blood sugar. No, she’s not going to eat potato chips or pretzels with her sandwiches anymore, but she can get clued in to other great snacky sides that are just as delicious and give her that crunch fix she craves.
She’s not the type to make her own bread. She has no desire to knead dough and grind her own wheat, but not to worry, there are some wise options at her local grocery store we’ll steer her toward that won’t cause the usual blood sugar spike in her body. She’ll learn the brands that will help her stay slim. Our Trim Healthy Pan Bread recipe (Muffins, Breads, and Pizza Crusts, Chapter 19), is so quick and easy. Sue might find herself becoming such a pro at making them that she will prefer them to buying store specialty items.
But, knowing our Sue, she won’t want to make her lunch every day. Life gets crazily busy sometimes. Yep, she can still drive through while she’s out and about. We’ll teach her how to do it right in later chapters. She’ll just have to make some little changes in how she orders her lunch in order to fill up without carbing up.

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