Are her Treats Healthy?

Like many homeschooling mothers, Jane likes to bake healthy treats with her older girls. They
make whole grain muffins, cookies, and granola bars with honey, organic unrefined cane juice
crystals, or even agave syrup instead of table sugar. She has learned to cut back on oils in her
baking by replacing them with apple sauce. Jane regularly indulges in these treats as she is cer-
tain every ingredient is healthy. No trans fats or preservatives for this woman!
She freely pours pure, Grade A maple syrup on her homemade whole grain pancakes on
Saturday morning, but she does not allow that same freedom with fats. She is especially fearful
of saturated fats like red meat, butter, or too many egg yolks. Although she would not call her-
self a vegetarian, Jane has become creative in substituting some meat meals for more vegetable
based proteins like legumes and soy. She tries to get the whole family on board with her “Meat-
less Mondays and Fridays” idea. They’re still complaining about it, however.
When she does cook meat, Jane makes sure to use lean cuts only. She has also managed
to cut back on cheese and often uses soy replacements on her whole grain sandwiches and in
cooking. That took some getting used to, but she figures her family’s health is worth it. Soy
and rice milk have replaced regular milk on her organic raisin bran in the morning. Jane feels
proud, that like the National food guidelines recommend, her diet is higher in fiber, whole
grains, fruits and vegetables and lower in fat.
While Jane is careful not to eat refined foods, she will admit to a couple of weaknesses. One
being corn chips, the blue organic kind, of course. Well, at least they’re whole grain and they
make a great taco salad with beans and crumbled soy burger. She also allows herself one naughty
treat a couple of nights a week when all the children are finally in bed and she has a moment’s
peace. Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies are a delicious indulgence, but only a couple.
Jane’s Dilemma
For many years this type of diet worked well for Jane. She was able to maintain her figure after
her first three babies, but lately, her size 10 clothes no longer fit. She cannot figure out why
she is always bloated! Her diet is sufficiently high in fiber and constipation is not the problem.
Grains and Fruit . . . Toot, Toot, Toot!
No other way to put it delicately, it’s the gas! All this gas is becoming an embarrassing problem.
Lately, this windy, and often painful, gastric issue has become so distressing that Jane is consid-
ering doing an expensive colon cleanse.
If she gets pregnant again there will be a reason for the pooch around her middle, but right
now, a pinch test tells her it’s more than a bloated tummy. There’s a new thickness also.


Why, when doing your Best?
This is so frustrating for Jane. She has used a lot of self control and expertise for this sort of diet.
She’s been very careful to keep it low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates as most current
nutritionists advise. Why does her body feel like it’s wearing down? Her skin is drying out and
showing other signs of aging. Where is the energy she once enjoyed? In her recent physical
checkup, she was surprised to find that her cholesterol was too high, including the dreaded
LDL cholesterol. Her triglycerides were dangerously close to the top of the limit. She wonders
how this is possible when she is very careful to avoid cholesterol laden foods.
Recently, she even cut out her Pepperidge Farm cookies to see if that would make a dif-
ference to her struggling weight gain. The scales hardly budged. Disappointed, Jane sought
comfort by adding a third cookie to her ritual. After all, they obviously weren’t the problem.
Her cravings for sweets are often alarmingly strong. Of course, knowing Jane, candy will
not pass her lips, but she can finish off a few handfuls of dates or raisin trail mix and still crave
for more. She’s taken to making carob balls with dried fruit to help satisfy these cravings, but
is left wondering whether she will ever be a size 8-10 again.
Don’t worry, Jane, help is on the way. We’ve been you. We understand the cravings since
we spent several years eating that way. Yes, it did some damage, but God also gave food for our
healing. Many of the problems you have now can be eliminated.

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