The Perfect Brain Food and Nature’s Sweetener


Omega-3 Eggs

These perfect little ovals of gold and white are rich in nearly every nutrient and are the perfect
brain food. Here are just a few of the amazing health-promoting nutrients of eggs:


Fat soluble vitamins A and D.
Sulfur, containing proteins crucial for cell membrane integrity.
EPA and DHA, responsible for nervous system and mental health.
Choline, found in the yolk. It is a B vitamin necessary for keeping cholesterol moving
in the blood stream.
Lutein, an antioxidant important for many reasons, including muscle repair.
Leucine, one of the three very special branch chain amino acids. It stands above them
all for muscle building. The highest source is found in eggs.
Vitamins E and B12.

The Cholesterol Myth

Do not be too concerned about the cholesterol scare. Sugar and trans fats are the worst offend-
ers, not eggs. God provided choline, found in the egg, as the perfect built-in cholesterol aid.
It helps to raise HDL cholesterol, or what is known as the good cholesterol. This is needed for
proper hormone production. It is actually dangerous for total cholesterol levels to be too low.
This increases the risk of heart attack since adequate cholesterol ensures adequate hormones,
and without adequate hormones the immune system breaks down.

Pearl chats: I eat eggs on a daily basis and absolutely love them fried with butter. I
often eat two or three per day. I recently had my cholesterol levels checked and was
pleased to find that my HDL levels (healthy cholesterol particles) were an outstand-
ing 87! My triglycerides were nice and low, around 50. My total cholesterol ratio came
back as one of the lowest risks for a dangerous cardiovascular event on the scale.
Obviously, eggs are not doing me any harm. I know a man who eats at least 40 eggs a
week (his cheap protein of choice), and his cholesterol is excellent. He is fit, trim, and
proud to call his cholesterol “eggtastic.” 

Serene chats: I’ll admit I’m more extreme than Pearl, an “all or nothing” sort of girl. I
sometimes eat up to four to five eggs a day, but I know I am doing my body good as
they are gathered from my free range chickens running around our property. The yolks
are bright orange. Remember, it is the brightest and most colorful foods that hold the
best goodness. I also have a great lipid profile.

I throw my golden egg yolks into smoothies, but the whites never go to waste. I use
them in scrambles with veggies and cheese. Also, some of our S bread and muffin reci-
pes call for whites alone as this allows fluffier textures and saves on needless calories.
Eggs, glorious eggs. They are a good cheap protein source for the entire family
when you can’t afford meat. Have a look at my idea for a soft-boiled egg based dinner
which I describe in Morning Meals, Chapter 18. Let’s say you use a dozen eggs to feed
a medium to large family as the sole protein for a meal. That is around $2–$2.50 for
omega-3 eggs. Not bad at all. 

Stevia, Nature’s Sweetener

You can keep your sweet tooth. Why try to deny it? Life would be too dull without dessert, and
what woman can go without chocolate?

Some people say sweet tasting foods should be avoided because giving in to decadent food
pleasures may train your taste buds in unnatural ways. We think that’s a load of nonsense.
That’s like ignoring a beautiful spring day and thinking that if we enjoy it too much we’ll
despise every other day. Wrong. We can be awed with spring yet still enjoy the colors of fall,
the coziness of winter, and the barefoot fun of summer. Similarly, we should be able to enjoy
sweet foods as well as spicy and savory.
Who makes all these rules? What about the other rule that is frequently tossed around,
“Eat to live, don’t live to eat!” Blah! Eating is joy! When you do it smartly, you can wake up in
the morning and actually feel excited about your breakfast. Why not a muffin or some cheese-
cake for breakfast if that’s what you love? Last time we checked the Ten Commandments,
avoiding sweets was not included.

We’d like to introduce you to stevia. This is our plan approved sweetener of choice. It has
zero calories and zero carbs so perfect for any fuel style meal. Now, before you say, “I’ve tasted
that and it has a bitter after taste, no thanks,” give us a minute and we’ll change your mind.
The two brands of stevia we recommend are Nunaturals and Truvia. These brands use a
safe process to remove the bitterness of the stevia. We felt the same way as you when it came
to that awful aftertaste for which stevia was known. We kept trying different brands, but still
no luck. Once we finally came across Nunaturals, it was a whole different story. Their product
tastes very much like white sugar with none of the bitterness. Since it is heat stable, you can bake with it. It is perfect for all our dessert recipes. Then Truvia hit the stores and that was
equally as palatable.

Thankfully, Truvia is a recent staple in almost every grocery store so that makes it easy to
put on your regular grocery list. It comes in packets or more recently, in a little jar to make
spooning it out a cinch! However, please do not purchase the new baking blend product Truvia
has recently released. It contains sugar and will do your waistline no favors. Stick to the original
Truvia which is suitable for all your baking needs.
We actually like to use a combination of these sweeteners, depending on the need. Some
recipes like our Secret Agent Brownie Cake (Desserts, Chapter 23) require a real sweet flavor, but
using too much Truvia can be hard on the budget. Instead, add a dash (1⁄8-1⁄4 tsp.) of NuStevia
Pure White Stevia Extract Powder and you’ll achieve the desired sweetness you want without
breaking the bank buying truckloads of Truvia.
There is a wonderful website we recommend you visit if you want to save money and make
up your own Truvia type sweetener. The site is The site owner,
Lauren Benning, believes her homemade Truvia is better tasting than store-bought. It can be
made for fraction of the store-bought cost by combining the correct amounts of NuStevia Pure
White Stevia Extract Powder with bulk erythritol. She also has a lot of fantastic S recipes on
her site and uses a whole foods natural approach to low-glycemic eating.
NuStevia Pure White Stevia Extract Powder is potent and a little goes a long way. Some
people think it is best used along with Truvia for baking or mixed with another healthy sweet-
ener called erythritol, which we will discuss shortly. Other people use it on its own and love
the results. This extract powder is the only Nunaturals dry product we use, although the brand
does have some other stevia products with added fillers. When you read “Nunaturals” in our
recipes, you will know that we are referring only to this pure white extract powder.
If you have an extremely tight budget, you could try using NuStevia Pure White Stevia
Extract Powder alone without ever bothering to combine it with Truvia or erythritol.

This will
save you some money since so little is needed to provide sweetness to recipes. Because it is quite
difficult to spoon a tiny bit from the jar, Nunaturals has now made it available in a spice jar
so you sprinkle a shake or two into your recipe. This makes it much easier. If ordering online,
make sure to purchase one of these spice jars. You can buy it in bulk to save money, just keep
filling the jar once it has emptied. You’ll notice most of our recipes use both sweeteners as
Truvia helps to add some bulk to baked goods and is easier to figure out exact measurements.
You’ll have to use some trial and error if you want to use Nunaturals alone.
We also recommend Swanson brand stevia drops, available from www.swansonvitamins.
com. These drops are inexpensive and have no bitterness. If you don’t want to purchase online,
KAL liquid stevia drops work well too. This brand is found at health stores and even some
supermarkets. In our opinion, KAL does not have that bad aftertaste many other stevia prod-
ucts seem to have. Liquid stevia is handy for puddings, smoothies, sweetening up plain Greek yogurt, and very handy to take in your handbag if you want to sweeten tea or coffee when you
are out.

Serene chats: Final edit here. To help tighten our budget I have recently switched to
using only NuStevia Pure White Stevia Extract Powder for all my sweetening needs.
My husband drinks gallons of sweetened tea per week and trying to sweeten it with
Truvia proved too expensive. Where Truvia is listed in our recipes, I use a few shakes
of the Nunaturals extract. Always start with a little, taste, and add more if needed.
Too much does not help the flavor. This sprinkling method works great for me even if I
sometimes have to taste-test my uncooked batter before baking.
If stevia is new to you, you may want to start with Truvia and as you develop more
expertise, opt for NuStevia Pure White Stevia Extract Powder.