Hate to Cook? This Is the Way

If you don’t love it yet, it is time to learn the joy and art of cooking. Anyone who chooses
health and vitality must make a conscious decision to prepare meals for home, or take on the
go. Studies show that people who are willing to cook at home have the most success at long
term weight loss.
It doesn’t matter if this is something you have not done in the past. You may be more like
Drive Thru Sue and want to take as many cooking shortcuts as you can. That’s fine, but you’ll
have to get some basics happening for long term health management. God made us to be crea-
tive and adaptive people. Saying, “I don’t cook,” is a mindset you can change. Our recipes are
easy enough for even clueless cooks.
Cooking doesn’t have to take a long time. All the recipes in this book are designed for quick
prep. We have busy lives with large families and don’t want to be slaves to the kitchen. Crock-
pots can really make a difference. You can do a little ten minute prep in the morning, rush
about all day, and know that your meal will be piping hot and ready to serve at supper time,
with a quick salad on the side and some whole grain bread and butter as another quick side for
your children’s higher glucose needs. S meals are perfect for crockpots. Meat simmering in a
creamy sauce all day, how can you beat that?
Learning to love, (or at least like), simple cooking at home also helps your budget and
allows you to purchase more organic items. Try the easy recipes in our breakfast, lunch, even-
ing meal, snacks and desserts sections. None of them are hard or laborious. You can get many
more ideas from the forum section of www.lowcarbfriends.com. Click on the Recipe Help and
Suggestion box for hundreds of ideas for low glycemic recipes and meals. You can ask questions
and have a bunch of knowledgeable folk help you out.


Eating Out

We know there will be times when you won’t be eating at home. Date nights, celebrations—
sometimes plain laziness. This is life. Our plan is easy to stick to while dining out at restaurants.
Even fast food can be managed correctly.
Hardees has a low-carb burger, great for an S meal. Their meat is not the usual nasty, low
end stuff. They use pure Angus beef. Actually, you can ask for any of their burgers to be “low-
carbed.” They wrap the burger and the fillings in a casing of lettuce that you can hold in your
hand and bite into—yum! You can always order a side salad too. Skip sweet dressings and go
with Ranch or Caesar. In-N-Out Burger chains do a similar thing with their burger, along with
a couple of other fast food chains.
Note: you won’t be able to drive and eat the low-carb burger at the same time. You’ll need
two hands as it’s a little messy.

If everyone is screaming for McDonalds while you are traveling on a family vacation, you
can still achieve weight loss or maintenance, even though it may not be the healthiest meal
you’ve ever eaten. Order a salad and a burger or two. Feed the ducks with the white buns, but
never yourself! The meat burger with all the fixin’s still tastes great without the bun. It’s an easy
S meal. You can utilize the dollar menu that way. Actually, this can also be a good save when
you’re out running errands and you have not a clue what to do about lunch to stay on plan.
Buy a couple of dollar burgers. Take the buns off, but leave the yummy fixin’s—you’ll taste the
flavors better without the buns. The meat will fill you up well, even if you feel a little strange
doing the bun removal trick.

If you are on a family day out and know ahead of time that you will likely be stopping at
a fast food burger joint, we suggest taking a couple of Oopsie Rolls (Muffins, Breads, and Pizza
Crusts, Chapter 19), or pieces of flax bread and swap these out for the harmful white buns. The
buns are the worst offenders, not the burgers themselves. Our S bun options will fill you up
much more so you won’t even need to consider the fries.
Traveling days can be saved by having a full S meal at Cracker Barrel with their menu cards
that indicate all their low-carb food options. Even Kentucky Fried Chicken does not have to
be your undoing. You can order the grilled chicken, rather than breaded or fried, and a double
side of green beans. Avoid the coleslaw as it has too much sugar. At the time of this writing
(things change quickly), they also have a double chicken breast sandwich without buns that
could work fine.
A six inch whole wheat Subway sandwich can be used as an E meal. Yes, the bread is not
sprouted or sourdough, but it’s not like you will be eating it every day. Choose a lean meat, lots
of veggies, part skim mozzarella, a light mayo, and lots of mustard and vinegar. A foot long sub
is too many carbs, especially when the bread is suspect, so avoid ordering that. Subway also has fresh fruit packets that could be a good E side option. This should tide you over until you can
get to your destination and eat a little more correctly.


Pearl chats: Or, if you are a purist like Serene, you pack your little cooler with all your
crazy goodies. She’s not likely to even walk into a fast food restaurant, but some of us
will not be able to avoid it.