Berries ,Chock Full of Flavanoids ,Life Extending Abilities


Bite for bite, berries offer more antioxidants than most other foods. In a recent study published
in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, blackberries ranked as number one for antioxi-
dant content. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries all showed up in the top ten. But, this
is only the beginning of their benefits.



Chock Full of Flavanoids

Women should consume lots of berries as they contain a flavonoid called quercetin, which
helps regulate cell growth and protects against estrogen related cancers such as breast and
endometrial cancer. Quercetin also helps prevent plaque from sticking to arteries and clots
from forming.

Life Extending Abilities


Berries are an excellent source of phytochemicals that help fight cancer. Ellagic acid, one such
phytochemical, is now being touted by world renowned anti-aging doctors as one of the most
important substances we can consume for health and life extension. Blackberries, raspberries,
and strawberries all have high amounts of ellagic acid. Studies show it inhibits lung, skin, and
liver cancer in animals. Ellagic acid also wages war on arteriosclerotic lesions (plaque buildup).
One study showed a 1000 percent decrease. That’s better than any statin could do.
Do you notice the bright colors of berries? Fruits and vegetables that have vibrant hues are
the ones that go on record for remarkable health benefits. Anthocyanins are responsible for the
deep hues of berries. Foods high in these are particularly effective at counteracting the effects
of aging, especially in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and macular degenera-
tion, a leading cause of blindness in the elderly. Anthocyanins directly protect blood vessels,
reduce blood pressure, and lower harmful type cholesterol. They also help fight diabetes, arthri-
tis, and allergies by reducing inflammation.

The Brainy Berry

Studies have shown that berries help maintain a healthy brain. Only one handful of blueberries
a day significantly decreases inflammation in the brain. They prevent a decline in memory and
motor learning. Blueberries can also improve balance and coordination.
If you are a homeschooling mom, you may like to assign your older children and help your
younger ones to search out the benefits of each berry. Each berry has something different to offer.

The Practical Berry

Berries are hits in our homes because they are sweet, exotic, and won’t cause a sugar spike. You
can buy them fresh, but it is usually cheaper to buy them frozen. This way, you can have them
all year round.
Remember, berries are neutral ground. You can eat them with both E and S meals as their
carb content is not too much higher than most non-starchy veggies, although blueberries are
a little higher.

Pearl chats:
My youngest daughter, Autumn, loves to eat berries as frozen treats by
the bowlful. I prefer them thawed. I usually buy two frozen packets of berries every week
from Aldi. I put the first packet I am going to use in the refrigerator to thaw. This way,
the berries are delicious, juicy, and always accessible. I love to pour a nice amount of
berries, along with some of the runny juice, into my Greek yogurt. It streaks it red and
the strong colors let me know I am eating God’s goodness. I enjoy them in my muffins,
too. Check out our muffin recipes in Chapter 19. O
Serene chats: I’ve found a berry trick that works for a snack on the run. I put some
frozen berries in an empty peanut butter jar that has a lid. I fill it with my yummy
homemade kefir and whatever flavorings I desire, screw on the lid, pop it in my bag, and
away I go. The frozen berries keep the kefir chilled and the liquid thaws out the berries
to succulent morsels—a perfect marriage.

Our family love berries so much that if we run out it feels like the kitchen is bare. I
throw them in nearly everything. I eat them for a yummy S energy snack straight from
the freezer, mixed with dry roasted almond butter. Delicious!
One of my family’s favorite yearly highlights, looked forward to almost as much
as birthdays, is blueberry picking season in our area. The whole family picks and eats,
and picks and eats as this farmer doesn’t mind eating while picking. My youngest is
usually almost blue by the time picking is done. Look for farms within an hour’s driving
distance from your home. They are usually cheap and delicious, and it is a fun outing.
Check out my Whip of Wonders (Snacks, Chapter 24). It is the ultimate superfood
snack or dessert.
If you want to eat purely organic, you will be pleased to know that blueberries are
raised without spray, even if they are not labeled organic. I found this out from a local
berry grower who sprays everything except his blueberries. 


Adult Beverages Anti-aging Diet

Like coffee, wine can also be a healthful addition to an anti-aging diet. In excess, it is destruc-
tive to the body and dangerous to the liver. European countries that use it as a balanced accom-
paniment to their meals enjoy great health benefits. Several new studies back this up. A glass a
day extends life. One reason may be its effect on inhibiting plaque in the brain, thus prevent-
ing age related neuronal disorders. It also helps the breakdown of collagen in the skin, conse-
quently moderate wine drinkers are at less risk for an aging and wrinkled face. How about that?
One glass per day for women, and up to two for men, lowers harmful LDL cholesterol.
Be careful though, mama, a recent, major 2011 study published in the Journal of the American
Medical Association showed that women process alcohol differently to men. Drinking more
than one alcoholic drink per day for females can go against health, rather than promote it.
Women who drink more than one glass a day showed a modest 15% higher risk for breast
cancer compared to women who drank less. Therefore, sip slowly and stick to no more than
one 5 oz. glass.
Of course, you do not need to become a wine drinker on this plan. And please, don’t even
begin if you know you have the genetic potential to abuse it. If there has been alcohol abuse
in your past, or in your family, you are probably best to stay well away from wine altogether. There is exciting information coming out about a substance called resveratrol, which is
found in the skins of the grapes in red wine. It turns on the life extension gene in our bodies,
previously only known to kick in with reduced calorie diets. Resveratrol aids in weight control,
especially in the mid section, and energy function. This supplement may be a great idea if you
want to stay away from wine.

Never drink sweet wines! Always opt for dry, as these have very few carbs. Red wines, like
Pinot and Cabernet Sauvignon are excellent. Dry, white wines can also be used, but they do
not have the incredible resveratrol factor. If you’d prefer less alcohol content, a half glass of dry
white wine mixed with sparkling water is a good alternative. Please do not send us letters about
the evils of wine. Jesus performed miracles with it and wine was definitely a biblical beverage.
This was not grape juice as some like to argue. Fermentation played an integral role in enabling
populations to have enough to eat and drink in that day as there was no refrigeration.
Some wives may have husbands who like to have beer sometimes. It is very detrimental to a
macho body. Beer tends to end up making men look pregnant once they are over 30 years and
their cells are more resistant to insulin. You could suggest the idea of dry wine to your husband
in place of beer. If sipping wine doesn’t appeal to his manliness, and he would still like to swig
a beer on the odd occasion, we only approve ultra light beers because the carb content has been
greatly reduced to less than three carbs. Of course, your husband may not care a whit what we
approve or do not approve, that’s fine too. But, you could gently share the science with him.
You don’t need to say, “Serene and Pearl say . . .” He might get sick of hearing sentences that
start out like that (if he’s anything like our husbands). We’re sure you could find creative ways
to share the information with him that will not turn him off upon hearing our names, or this

The Way To Implementing Healthy Food for Life

We don’t want you to be even slightly puzzled, doubtful, or left wondering about all the
details once you begin implementing the S and E plan. Therefore, it’s time to get really
practical and give you a detailed look at what S and E meals actually look like. We’ll contrast
them with a meal that does not work, for example, an S or E meal gone wrong. We’ll also take a
look at examples of what well balanced Crossover meals look like for people who need to main-
tain or slow down weight loss. We’re going to really get nitpicky here and enjoy every bit of it!
It will be a waste of time to focus on S Helpers and Fuel Pulls here. All you need to know
for S Helpers is that they will be exactly like S meals with the addition of the allowed starch of
fruit. Fuel Pulls are featured in greater detail in One Week Fuel Cycle, Chapter 28.
E Breakfast Example (the right way)
Bowl of stevia-sweetened steel cut oats or Old Fashioned Oats with 0% Greek yogurt and ber-
ries, or 1 tsp. coconut oil mixed with 1⁄4 cup boiling water, cinnamon, and a little sprinkle of
golden flax meal.

Pearl chats: Perfect! In place of the Greek yogurt or coconut oil thinned down with hot
water, you could use either regular low/fat free yogurt or unsweetened almond milk.

Serene chats:
Optimally, I love to make my own yogurt from raw milk after I have
skimmed off the cream which naturally makes it low fat and perfect for E needs. I save
the cream for wonderful S treats. But, I also buy Greek yogurt since I can’t always
make my own. It is so much better than most foods in a grocery store. Also, check
out how to make the oatmeal with the one teaspoon of coconut oil in Morning Meals,
Chapter 18. I think you’ll love it for a change.


E breakfast Example (the wrong way)
A bowl of instant cinnamon and brown sugar oatmeal, with raisins, sliced banana, and non-fat
milk. A glass of orange juice on the side.

Pearl chats: The carbs are simply too high in this meal. Please do not purchase the
pre-flavored oatmeal in the little brown packets and think they are a healthy option
for you. They’re not. They are full of sugar and excess carbs. The person who eats
this breakfast will be hungry in less than a couple of hours and seeking more sugar
fuel. There is not enough protein to sustain brain concentration and it promotes belly


Serene chats: Instant or quick oats are absorbed much faster into your bloodstream,
so their carb content is more damaging. Even if you sweeten this breakfast with honey
instead of brown sugar, your insulin surge would skyrocket, not to mention the sugary
fruit choices you added. It is a very fattening breakfast. The worst part is that this
type of breakfast is applauded by the American food guidelines and promoted by most
diet dictocrats due to its high fiber and three fruit servings. What a load of bunkum!

S breakfast Example (the right way)
An omelet, made with omega-3 eggs and your choice of cheeses and veggies like onions, pep-
pers, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Optional side of berries. Organic coffee with a dash of heavy

Pearl chats: This is a good one. Omelets are my husband’s favorite breakfast. I use
cream cheese and finely diced onion to make them extra succulent. He lost his weight
while eating these several times a week along with other healthy meals.

Serene chats: The egg-based breakfast is perfect. Research has shown that people
who eat hearty proteins like eggs for breakfast are less hungry and battle less crav-
ings throughout the day. Eggs, fried, poached, or boiled are the perfect start to the

S Breakfast Example (the wrong way)
An omelet, two pieces of buttered wheat toast spread with grape jelly on the side. Coffee with
milk, honey, or sugar.


Pearl chats:
All the goodness of the egg is ruined by the wheat toast. Some studies
have cited more health concerns in people who eat eggs numerous times each week. It
is not the eggs. Our culture usually puts eggs with junk carbs like white toast, bagels,
or orange juice, etc, which all give rise to diabetes. Coffee, sweetened with honey or
sugar causes fat gain.

Serene chats: You are creating fat gain by combining a hearty portion of protein and
fat with an equally hearty portion of carbs. This is made worse by using carbs like
wheat toast, which is really not much better than white toast. The label must read
100% to be whole grain and not list 50 unpronounceable ingredients after that. Even
adding two slices of healthy sprouted toast to this meal is too many carbs for weight
loss. It would be a Crossover instead of a slimming S.

Crossover Breakfast Example
Two fried eggs in coconut oil on one or two buttered pieces of super healthy toast, such as
sprouted Ezekiel or Trader Joe’s, homemade sourdough, or dark rye. One orange on the side,
or an apple with a big scoop of peanut butter.


Pearl chats:
You’ll be nourished on this breakfast. The carbs are not high enough to
spike your blood sugar, yet they will not allow a fat melt. The fats keep blood sugar
nicely balanced. 

Serene chats: To keep to a good weight, I enjoy a breakfast like this a couple of times
a week.

E Lunch Example (the right way)
A sandwich made from two slices of sprouted or sourdough grain bread and smeared with
light mayo, mustard, lean deli meat turkey slices, a thin slice of part skim mozzarella, tomato,
lettuce, and onion; half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese; and a wedge of cantaloupe on the side.

Pearl chats:
If you feel a little low in energy, this meal has just the right amount of
carbs to help get you going again. It incorporates whole grains and they are well bal-
anced by the protein in the lean turkey and cottage cheese. It is yummy, too! 

Serene chats:
You can see by this example meal that no more than two slices of bread
at a time is ever recommended, even for E meals. If bread is included, keep the fruit
portion smaller. Cantaloupe is a good choice here because it is a medium glycemic
fruit. If your meal already includes two pieces of bread, it’s a wrong decision to have
larger portions of fruit, or even small portions of very sweet fruit like watermelon or

E Lunch Example (the wrong way)
Turkey, ham, or baloney sandwich made from regular wheat or white bread, slathered with
regular mayo, head lettuce, and one slice of American cheese. Side of pretzels or potato chips.

Pearl chats:
This meal is so common and is a chief cause of expanding waistlines
all over America. Don’t fall into its trap or even believe that the pretzels are much
healthier than the potato chips. They both spike insulin and guarantee that the fat
from the mayo, baloney, and cheese is carried to your belly. This is simple tandem fuel
burning science. It might not be more food than the first meal but the double fuels
cause fat gain for most people. 

Serene chats: I agree with Pearl that tandem fuel burning is a problem here, but there
are other contributing issues. Even if you chose lower fat healthy turkey slices, and
used a lighter mayonnaise to take out fat, two slices of regular bread alone, or with
cheese, is already insulin producing and therefore fat promoting. Pretzels just make
it worse. 

S lunch Example (the right way)
Sautéed salmon in butter and coconut oil with a large decadent salad, dressed liberally with
olive or hemp oil and lemon vinaigrette, and your choice of goodies such as avocado, toasted
nuts, bacon bits, cheese, or boiled egg. You can have any, or all of the above. Finish with
organic coffee with cream.

Pearl chats: This is a very quick meal, ten minutes at most. Deliciousness doesn’t
have to take long to prepare. This salmon could easily be made into E by pulling back
the oil and opting for a nonstick pan, throwing in 3 ⁄ 4 cup of brown rice or quinoa, and
dressing your salad more lightly.

Serene chats:
I love this meal. I confess I don’t need much variety in my diet and
eat this lunch many times a week. It is my favorite, and its super slimming! I love not
having to hold back on the fats and the salad is so scrumptious. Salmon, being a
superfood, is my preferred lunch choice

S lunch Example (the wrong way)
Breaded fish fried in butter on rice pilaf, a side salad with full-fat ranch, and some sweet tea.

Breaded fish fried in butter on rice pilaf, a side salad with full-fat ranch, and some sweet tea.

Pearl chats: Breading anything with normal breading ingredients like flour or bread
crumbs is a major problem. The carbs mix with the fat for frying which creates an invi-
tation for weight troubles. Instead of breading flours you can substitute parmesan
cheese, store-bought coconut flour, or Joseph’s pita bread crumbs.

Serene chats: Even choosing whole grain brown rice, unless eating only
⁄ cup or less
can cause weight gain alongside any rich, fatty dressing. Even if you chose whole grain
bread crumbs for your breading and sweeten your tea with natural honey, it’s just too
many carbs. Plus, the added evil of combining it with a rich, fat sauce will do you in.
But, I am not being fooled into believing this meal may be fish sticks with parboiled
white rice and regular sweetened tea!

Crossover Lunch Example
Sautéed salmon in coconut oil with a medium-sized sweet potato and salad on the side. The
sweet potato may be heavily buttered and sweetened with stevia and cinnamon if desired. The
salad dressing must be full-fat.


Pearl chats: Indulgent and delicious. I have to eat this meal now and then (poor me,
right?) to keep my weight up. If this were to be made an E meal, you would simply use
way less fat. O
Serene chats: I love Crossover meals with sweet potatoes. I heavily drench them with
about two heaping tablespoons of raw virgin coconut oil and then liberally sprinkle
on Celtic salt, cayenne pepper, and curry powder. It tastes divine, like a rich gourmet
Indian curry. Having so much healthy fat helps stop any spike from the sweet potato,
which is rather low glycemic anyway, but there will be a sufficient amount of carbs to
give this meal a maintenance effect instead of weight loss. Anything over one medium
sweet potato would go past the medium gylcemic point and be detrimental. This is
especially true on an E meal where there is not a lot of fat to blunt the sugar climb. 

E Evening Meal Example (the right way)
Mini Meat Loaves, made with extra lean ground turkey, (Evening Meals, Chapter 21) and a side
of Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad (Lunches, Chapter 20).

Pearl chats: These two recipes are high in protein and leave you feeling full. Since this
is your E meal and the salad is your only carb portion, remember to make sure you put
enough energy foods in the salad. One apple per serving makes it sweet and delicious
and fills the salad out to ensure very big servings. Or, you could use half an apple per
serving and toss in a handful of goji berries or currants. Two spoons of pineapple would
be okay, too. 

Serene chats: I love meatloaves and these minis look so cute on your plate. Some-
times, I make meatloaf with grass fed ground sirloin. It is also a very lean meat and a
little more superfoody. You could substitute lean grass-fed beef, buffalo, or venison,
but never regular ground beef in an E meal, please. 

E Evening Meal Example (the wrong way)
Grilled chicken breast, corn on the cob, buttered dinner rolls, and salad with a sweet French

Pearl chats: There is so much wrong with this meal. This person may be under the
impression that the nice lean chicken breast is going to help control weight. The corn
will stop that. Corn works well to fatten up animals before slaughter and it can have
the same effect on humans. The buttered dinner rolls are usually processed and
devoid of fiber. French dressing will spike sugar unless it is homemade with a no-carb
sweetener. O
Serene chats:
This meal is a typical dinner in our western culture. Not many people
enjoy a meal without buttered bread, especially at a restaurant. However, margarine
would be even worse. Even whole wheat yeast rolls are not a good choice on a low gly-
cemic lifestyle as they are made with flour which is quickly absorbed into the blood as
glucose. The only time we use any form of wheat flour in our recipes is with sourdough
bread, which is fermented. This lowers the sugars while the sour lactic acid slows down
an insulin response. The rolls were bad enough; but add the corn, which is genetically
modified unless organic, plus a sugar laden dressing, and you’re in for trouble. Some-
times people tell us, “I don’t know what’s wrong, I don’t eat very much.” You don’t have
to eat very much. It is deceivingly harmful meals like this that do the damage.

S Evening Meal Example (the right way)
New Mexican strip steak topped with melted cheese and green chilies with steamed broccoli
tossed in butter on the side.

Pearl chats: This meal is a goodie. My husband and I cannot afford steak very often,
but eating it at home occasionally feels like a special date. Like ours, most families
cannot afford to feed everybody steak, especially organic or grass fed. Once in a while
we’ll let everybody in the family have a steak, but we usually throw on burgers for the
children, and cook up one extra steak for them all to share so they get a taste of the
real thing. Don’t think that you have to eat exactly what you feed your children. They
have different metabolic needs and get to eat some “special” items that you don’t, so
it evens out.

Serene chats: Those of us with large families know we can’t afford steak for the whole
family. I buy it at Costco for my husband, and an occasional treat for myself. It is
fairly well priced when you don’t feed it to the whole gang.
I’d like to add to what Pearl mentioned about specialty foods for the adults. When
daddy eats his nice big steak now and then after a hard day at work, the children
know he did not get to enjoy the heaping portion of the creamy mashed potatoes they
ate. Children learn that they have their own treats. In our house I buy honey, raisins,
bananas, white potatoes, whole wheat noodles, and other healthy glucose rich foods
for the children only. They need these to grow. We buy grass fed milk that only the chil-
dren drink. They get to enjoy organic jellies for their bread. Keeping steak for dad, and
occasionally for you, should not affect your conscience. 


S Evening Meal Example (the wrong way)

Grilled steak with large baked potato on the side, topped with sour cream and butter. Tossed
head lettuce salad, with ranch dressing.

Pearl chats:
This is a common one. The loser here is the baked potato, yet it is the
main side offered with steak in most homes and restaurants. We urge you not to do
this combination. It makes a wonderful steak meal fattening when it doesn’t need to
I cut up yellow squash, season it well, and bake it in the oven with butter. My
husband likes this with steak as well as any old potato. Broccoli is always good with
steak, too. White potatoes are like white bread; they are straight sugar in the body. We
don’t recommend white potatoes for adults, even on our E meals. A small one now and
then won’t kill you in a Crossover, as long as you are already at, or near, your desired
weight. O
Serene chats: It’s not only that a white potato has carbs enough to send your insulin
revving to the moon, but people always dress them up with large amounts of fatty
toppings because they are so dry without them. This is a double whammy. Eating the
baked potato dry, just to be diet conscious, is still a bad idea, as you have learned
that a naked carb is a blood sugar swinger. Plus, dry potato—yuck!

Crossover Evening Meal Example

Coconut Chicken Curry (Evening Meals, Chapter 21) over brown rice or quinoa. A side salad
with olive/balsamic dressing. Pearl chats: You can do a full cup or more of quinoa here if you like; much less than
half a cup of grain will not likely help to maintain weight. In this meal, the fat and the
carbs merge in a sensible synergy. O
Serene chats: I love coconut anything! If you are trying to lose some extra weight, it
may be a while before you will be incorporating Crossover meals. You can easily make
this into an S meal by leaving out the rice and having this dish over Cauli Rice (Vegeta-
ble Sides, Chapter 21) or even some hemp seeds if you have any handy. An S Helper of
quinoa is always another option.


The Dessert Menu For Healthy Food



You’ll be asked if you want to look at the Dessert Menu—that’s how restaurants make their
money. But, you just ate a perfectly slimming meal at a restaurant of all places—kudos to you!
Why ruin it? Sugar laden desserts will undo all your good choices in a second. Even more than
croutons on your salad, a sugary des-sert swiftly turns an S slimming meal into a tandem fueled fattening one. If you opted for berries and whipped cream that would be different, but it’s usually much too tempting to pass up the cheesecake or the chocolate vol-cano! We suggest rounding your meal out with a rich coffee. You could ask for whipped cream on top. That won’t be a problem for your server. Bring a stevia packet or two in your purse, or some liquid drops to sweeten up your coffee into a dessert-like finale. Now you can
relax, fully satisfied, and devote your-self to flirting with your husband over your coffee cup. Oh yeah!

You can always think to yourself when faced with the dessert temptation, “I have yummy
chocolates at home.” Or, you could make a special chocolate cheesecake that is plan approved
for the occasion, and you and your husband can share some when you’re back home. The chil-
dren will hopefully all be in bed, and you are not so full so you’ll really get to enjoy it. Good
Of course, if the occasion for eating out is a special anniversary, we are not going to judge
you for splitting a dessert with your husband. Just don’t make a habit of it.

What Would You Like To Drink?

Beverages at restaurants can be another trip up. Stick to good choices like Perrier sparkling
mineral water with lemon. A glass of dry red or white wine would be fine, or a very low-carb
beer if your husband likes that. Unsweetened tea (bring your own sweetener), hot tea, or coffee
are all fine. Okay, if you haven’t been able to completely kick the habit, a diet soda won’t kill
you. If you were able to baby step your way into choosing a suitable S meal from the menu, we
won’t be too mad that you just had to have a diet coke. Progress is what makes us happy. You
get an “A minus” grade. Not too shabby.

Family Restaurants

You may not always be fine-dining alone with your husband, or out with adult friends on spe-
cial occasions. Sometimes you’re out to eat with your children. Or, other times, you’re craving
Chinese or Indian food. Let’s look at four common restaurant favorites.
Do not regularly go into a Mexican restaurant if you cannot say no to the corn chips they
constantly refill at your table. Not only will they destroy your waistline, but they drip with
trans fats that initiate degenerative diseases. You may be the type who will let your children
have a treat and eat the corn chips, but please pass on them yourself (unless you are going to
save your Mexican restaurant experience for a rare cheat meal then a few chips shouldn’t hurt
you too much). We find it is better to ask for a plate of cucumber slices and a side of guacamole
to be brought straight away. Dunk and dip. It is yummy and fun. You won’t feel left out this
way while your children are having fun with chips and salsa. Cheese dip and cucumber slices
are another option, but the cheese dip has moderate carbs since it is usually made with a little
milk, so you’ll be in S Helper territory.
The best item to order at a Mexican restaurant is Fajitas. Who needs refried beans, rice,
and white flour tortillas, when you can have seasoned grilled meat with caramelized onions,
peppers, and tomatoes? Tell the waiter you won’t need the tortillas, rice, or beans. You can ladle on the sour cream, salsa, cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Who would miss the bland
starches? We certainly don’t. Another option is Chile Relleno, which is a stuffed pepper with
meat and cheese. Make sure it is not breaded. They are usually not made that way, but you
might want to check first.
Avoid the margaritas. It is an alcoholic drink that is high in carbs from sugar. Mexican res-
taurants also serve a lot of Sangria, which is very sweet wine. Avoid this at all costs. If you like
to have a glass of wine when dining out, ask them for their driest one.
For those who eat Crossovers occasionally, it would be fine to add a side of refried beans.

But, adding the white rice would not be appropriate.
We think Chinese restaurants are the hardest places to find a slimming meal, yet it can be done.
Don’t put the white rice, or the fried rice (that is white but looks brown from soy sauce) on
your plate. Beware of the noodles, anything fried, breaded and crispy, and any sweet tasting
sauce. What are you left with? Load up on lots of good vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower,
green beans, and onions. Find which meat dishes are in non-sweet sauces. Beef and broccoli
dishes are usually your safest bet. The sauces used for such dishes may have a little corn starch,
but you’ll survive; at least they won’t be swimming in sugar. If you are ready to enjoy Crosso­
vers or S Helpers, some Chinese restaurants offer brown rice.
You may be thinking, why even go, it’s all pasta based. You have to get a little creative. Italian
restaurants usually have nice grilled meats and vegetables. They also usually offer delicious
steak on their menu. You can ask for a pizza to be made for you with a portabella mushroom
as a base if they do not already have this idea on the menu. Stuffed eggplants or zucchini are
often available. Don’t forget the beautiful salads.

If you don’t want to miss out on your pasta, we suggest this idea. Take a box of Dreamfields
pasta and ask your waiter to tell the chef that you are on a low gylcemic diet for your health
and should only eat this type (that’s not a lie). There are so few digestible carbs in this delicious
pasta, so you do not have to worry about E or S when choosing a sauce. Diabetics are known
to do this quite often, so don’t feel like a crazy person. The good thing about the USA is that
restaurants desire to please the customer so you will keep returning.
Indian or Thai
Coconut or cream-based sauces from this cuisine are perfect for S options. Chicken Marsala or
Butter Chicken are dishes that won’t mess with your weight too much if they’re eaten occasion-
ally. If you eat them too often (more than a couple times a week), these cream-based Indian dishes can bring on calorie abuse because of their richness, but enjoy them now and then. With
lots of veggies, you won’t even miss the rice that will mess with your weight.
If you are brave enough and want to bring an S Helper, or make your meal a healthy
Crossover, bring your own little Ziploc bag of correctly portioned brown rice or quinoa in
your purse. Quinoa is probably better, because you can have more of it and still stay within S
Helper guidelines. We are both known to do this very thing since we are crazy about Indian
food. Again, beware of sweet sauces in Thai restaurants. Red and green curries are usually a
safe bet.