Eating Less No Longer Works

Sue developed a bit of a weight problem in her teens, but was able to keep it from getting
out of hand by skipping meals. That may have worked in her teenage years, but it is making
things worse now. Her weight has become more and more of a problem in the years since being
married. Her metabolism has slowed down due to the habit of skipping meals. Now, it seems
anything she eats goes to her hips, belly, and thighs.
She has always wondered why she is overweight when she actually eats less than many other
people she knows. She’s not a big breakfast person, aside from the occasional bowl of cereal,
quick pop tart or a cup of coffee. She is still in the habit of skipping meals, mostly breakfast
and sometimes lunch, but that causes her to eat most of her calories at night. This is when the
munchies occur and she reaches for the Doritos or her children’s goldfish crackers. Her appetite
wakes up for pizza. They order in pizzas a couple of nights a week, or go out as a family to the
pizza buffet in their area. It’s not like Sue pigs out. She usually never eats more than two to
three pieces of pizza, but she always washes them down with a refill of coke.

Missing Fruits and Veggies

Aside from the odd banana, or the lettuce that accompanies a fast food hamburger, fruits and
vegetables are quite rare in her diet. Sue never developed a taste for them. This makes her bath-
room visits for number two infrequent and painful. It’s quite common for Sue to go two to
three days without being able to have a bowel movement. It is annoying to feel constipated all
the time, but she has lived with it for so long that not eliminating for days is quite normal for
her. She often has to resort to laxatives to find relief.
Occasionally, Sue attempts to eat more healthily by opening a can of vegetable soup
and throws in some fat-free oyster crackers. She even buys V8 juice now and then because
she half believes the advertising that says it counts for a full serving of vegetables. She keeps
orange juice in the fridge and tries to remember to have a glass or two for her fruit quota
every other day or so. She’ll eat a banana so they don’t go bad when she buys them, but fruit
is not her thing.

That Lovin’ Feeling—It’s Gone, Gone, Gone!

Sue may put on a happy face, but her diet is contributing to problems in her marriage. Although
her husband eats similar food and much more of it, he doesn’t struggle with his weight. Sue
is frustrated with her own accumulating pounds and is more and more uncomfortable with
intimacy in the bedroom. Her husband takes this as a lack of interest, and though it may be
true, Sue’s reluctance is more to do with her insecurity. She doesn’t feel sexy and she purpose-
fully sabotages intimate opportunities with her husband, blaming her indifference on fatigue
and too much to do. She hasn’t pulled out that lacy black teddy in a couple of years now. Sue’s
attitude to her sex life lately is “lights out, let’s get this over with.” She doesn’t actually say that,
but her body language speaks loudly.
Frequent headaches drag her down. A mild case of adult acne has set in, and this only adds
to her insecurity. Heartburn is also a problem. She carries Tums in her purse and uses them
Her doctor has given her a prescription for depression, but she doesn’t like taking it. While
it numbs her despair, it also makes her feel numb in many other ways, and her husband notices
the depression meds make her lagging libido even worse.

I Spy the Insulin Truck Again

Sue knows that sugary foods are “bad.” Everyone has heard that, but she is probably not aware
that white bread and crackers are the same as sugar in her body. Even her glasses of orange
juice and V8 are basically sugar in a cup. The packaged foods with all their additives, dyes,
preservatives, and excess sodium are not doing Sue any good, but her real problem is sugar in
all its deceptive forms. She’s not eating cakes all day, maybe a candy bar now and then, but the
refined grains in her “get-n-go” diet are the major cause for her expanding waistline. She’d be
surprised that the breading on her chicken nuggets, the pastry in her pop tart, the flakes in her
Special K cereal are all sugar in her body. All these foods cause a higher level of glucose in her
bloodstream than is optimum for lifelong weight control. The double whammy is that there
is very little fiber in her diet to slow the rise of her blood sugar to anything other than a speed
racer level.

Her Drinks Drag Her Down

A lot of Sue’s excess insulin problems stem from her drinks. Carbohydrates in liquid form
are the worst offenders. They rush straight into the blood stream causing the most rapid and
dangerous spikes! Sue, like a large chunk of U.S. population, is getting fatter more from her
beverages than even her food. Those drinks may even be labeled “fat free,” but as we learned

in Whole Grain Jane’s case, it is all about sugar levels in the blood stream, not necessarily fat.
In goes the soda or juice. Bam! Out surges the insulin to take care of the high glucose. Insu-
lin knows where to put its load from constant, forced habit—right in her fat cells. Goodbye,
youthful figure!
But there’s hope. Sue can learn many delicious alternative drink choices to sugar laden soda
that will contribute to a beautiful waistline and healthy skin. They will help purge her body
from the onslaught of chemicals she has ingested over the years. They’ll even taste good, we


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