Ideas for Satisfied and Energized Combinations

We don’t know the patterns and “ins and outs” of your life, but here are some suggestions for
implementing S and E into your life:
You may want to start out with two to three full S days to get to know this meal better,
followed by an E day or day and a half. Then repeat. Grouping together a couple of days of
the same meal type back to back assists in swifter weight reductions. It gets your body deep
into one mode of fuel burning and then turns it upside down when you make the switch. Your
metabolism loves that. After a couple of months of learning to implement S and E, you can
also begin to throw some full days of Fuel Pulls in to the mix. That will be another huge step
if you need help pushing off unmoving pounds.
This is not an absolute rule, but S is the best way to begin as it helps to get rid of extra sugar
in your cells. They need to get emptied out, remember? This way you create a better cycle once
you add in E meals and offer healthy amounts of glucose to more hungry cells.

But, grouping full days of one meal type is not the only way to lose weight with our plan.
Simply freestyling S and E according to your wants, whims, or needs will still allow for solid
weight loss. It might be a tad slower, but it will give you a lot more freedom.
Maybe you’ll decide to do two or three full E days each week and let the rest be S. You could
choose Tuesdays and Thursdays as your E days. Perfect! Or, you could choose to take three days
each week and make them E style until the evening meal. On those three days, you would have
E breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks then switch to S on those evenings. That allows for
more comforting, hearty food that most of us like to enjoy at supper time. It doesn’t matter if
you eat more S than E. Sometimes that’s just more practical. We both prefer to have a few more
S than E meals. We love being satiated by S meals and their creamier after-dinner desserts.
Perhaps you do not want your plan to be S dominant. You may be drawn toward eating
lighter type E meals. Maybe you prefer lean meats, or, you may get addicted to our spectacular
Trim Healthy Pancake recipe, which is E, and want to eat them almost every day. Go ahead.
As E desserts, low-fat or 0% Greek yogurt sweetened up is always a yummy E option. Our
puddings are perfect after E meals, so is our Tummy Tucking Ice Cream and our Melt in Your
Mouth Meringues.

There is no right or wrong way to switch S and E as both meal types are healthy. Just don’t
get stuck in a rut eating only one type and miss out on all the nutrients God has available for
you. Don’t constantly eat E because it seems closer to what most conventional health gurus
preach as acceptable. You’ll miss out on the important fatty acids S meals give to nourish your
brain, skin, nervous system, hormones and hair. Give some room for S in your life—your skin
and brain will thank you for it.
It may suit your personality and family lifestyle better to have certain weekdays that are set
aside for either E or S, then freestyle the weekend. Maybe you’ll do Mondays and Tuesdays as
S, Wednesday, Thursday will be E during the day, but then you’ll switch to S for the evening
meals on those days. Friday will be a full S. Then you can, more loosely, freestyle the weekend
as you wish. If you want to wake up and have bacon and eggs for breakfast on Saturday just
because you feel like it, grant yourself that wish—you are choosing S. Feel like a nice apple for
a snack a few hours later? Go ahead, that will be E. You’re naturally switching over.
All these ideas are examples. We leave it up to you. There are no strict rules as long as you
receive the benefits from both meal types each week.

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