Learning the art of keeping beverages glycemic friendly

Learning the art of keeping beverages glycemic friendly is crucial to the success of this plan.
Anything you put into your body in liquid form is more easily absorbed into the blood-
stream. If your drink contains sugar, your blood glucose levels will immediately sky rocket.
This rapid sugar high is worse for your body than a regular sugar high from food, which is
already bad enough. It is basically fat in a drink. With every gulp, you pour on the pounds.

Juice, the Great Deceiver

Many people think they are doing themselves a favor by opting for juice instead of sodas. Even
100% juice drinks are 100% fattening. Juice is liquid carbohydrate, the worst kind for weight
management. The fiber has been removed. It has usually been pasteurized, or worse, made
from a concentrate.
Even if you took the time to make all raw fruit juice at home with a juice extractor, it is still
fat in a glass. How can we say that? There is never a good reason for the fiber to be removed
from fruit. God put it there to slow down the insulin response. You may wish to detox now and
then with fresh juices, or include them if you are fighting a grave disease. If so, always stick to
green juices with a base of mild cucumber or celery. These are more cleansing and healing than
sweet juices. Watch out for the myth of carrot juice. It has a similar effect as fruit juice on blood glucose. High sugar imbalances the body by promoting yeast and parasites which create the
perfect environment for cancer growth and all disease. These pathogens and harmful microbes
are like weeds which overtake the body’s ecology or inner garden.
Better than juicing is to make Serene’s Earth Milk (Chapter 27) which has the same healing
and cleansing properties as juices, but tastes better.

The Naughty List

We know that sodas are fattening. Now you can place fruit juices in the same category. Here are
some other drinks which are equally dangerous to your waistline. Excuse our Sergeant Major
attitude for a minute. Hang in there—excellent options are coming.

Sweet tea—fattening.
Naturally sweetened healthy type green teas—fattening (the word “naturally” on a
food label always means using sugar).
Sports drinks like Gatorade—fattening.
Energy drinks like Red Bull—fattening.
Natural cane juice sweetened colas—fattening.
Any store-bought or naturally sweetened lemonade—fattening.
Vitamin water—fattening (except those sweetened with stevia).
100% juice spritzers—fattening.
Any pre-packaged or deli made smoothie (usually contains apple juice, and or
Most Starbucks concoctions—double fattening, due to fat and sugar combined (you’ll
be fine with their regular coffee with half and half or a little heavy cream).
Hot tea with honey—fattening (good for rare medicinal occasion).
Coffee with sugar—fattening.
Overdoing diet sodas—fattening (long term use may mess with metabolism and endo-
crine system).
Milk as a beverage—fattening (we’ll explain why later).
Beer—triple fattening (the highest on glycemic index). Ever heard of a beer belly?
Sweet wines—fattening.
Mixed alcoholic drinks—fattening
We feel like big ol’ meanies after completing this list. Are you feeling a little chastised and
deprived? It is depressing to write this, but we care enough about your success to get tough.
Don’t freak out! There is a superb replacement for each one of these no-nos.

Sip Ups or Slip Ups

We had to be thorough with all the “naughties” because the thought of someone starting our
plan with gusto, then wrecking it with one needless slip up (or should we say sip up), ruins our
day. We can’t shake the following picture of a newly inspired Trim Healthy Mama throwing
out all the high glycemic foods from her cupboards. She drives to a natural food market and
excitedly fills her cart with omega-3 eggs, grass fed red meat, and lots of non-starchy vegetables.
She’s on a roll. On the way out of the store, feeling a little thirsty, she stops by the juice bar for
a healthy pick me up drink. No more soda for her! She chooses one called Mango Madness and
opts for a shot of wheat grass for good measure since she’s now on a health kick.
Little does she realize her glucose levels surge through the roof on her drive home due to
the so-called “healthy” drink, and her pancreas has to send out extra insulin to get rid of all
that blood sugar. Her first day on our program becomes a disaster. There was nothing wrong
with the wheat grass, but it doesn’t have any sugar disabling properties to compensate for the
contents of the rest of the smoothie. It was a waste of good money.
Don’t let this be you. Get smart about your drink choices. There is no reason for you to feel
deprived even if you have strong addictions to sweet drinks. Our recommended stevia products
solve this problem. They’ll be discussed in detail in Foundation Foods, Chapter 17. Please don’t
turn your nose up at the idea of stevia if you’ve tried it in the past and hated the bitter after-
taste. We’ll soon tell you about new products that taste just like sugar without that after burn.

Ideas for Juice Lovers

If you are a juice lover, we suggest purchasing berry teas such as Celestial Seasonings raspberry,
orange, or blueberry flavored, and making them into iced tea sweetened with our recom-
mended stevia sweeteners. This also works well with regular or mint teas and they are perfect
over ice for hot days.
If you can’t be bothered doing all that and have a little wiggle room in your budget, there are a
couple of great new options to consider. In the future, there will surely be even more options since
more companies are learning about the health benefits of sweetening drinks with stevia instead
of sugar, corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners. However, we already know of a couple. Sobe
brand has a beverage called Life Water. You can pick it up almost everywhere. We can even find it
at our local hick gas station, out here in the Tennessee woods for about a dollar and a half a bottle.
The awesome thing is that since this Life Water is only sweetened with stevia and erythri-
tol, it fits perfectly on plan and has zero impact on blood sugar. It is refreshing, fruity delicious-
ness and has no artificial ingredients. It offers many wonderful flavors like Fuji, Apple, Pear.
Here in the South, Kroger grocery store chains also carry a drink that tastes like juice with no
artificial ingredients. It is Kroger brand and is called, Zero Calorie, Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage. It comes in 12 bottle packs for a reasonable price and the Orange Starfruit flavor
tastes like orange juice. Check to see if your local grocery store has something similar. The main
thing to check with flavor enhanced waters is that the sweetener used is stevia, erythritol, or a
combination of both. Be diligent when selecting, because while some beverage brands are start-
ing to use stevia, most “sugar-free” brands of vitamin water are still using artificial sweeteners
and other unhealthy ingredients.
Another good juice replacement can be found at Walmart, Kroger, and other popular
grocers. Walk down the tea, coffee, and beverage isle where they sell Kool-Aid type packet
mixes. Keep an eye out for a small box of dry packet mix called Hansen’s Naturals Fruit Stix.
It’s a powder you mix with water to make a fruity tasting beverage. It is sweetened with stevia
and includes only natural flavors. We heartily endorse it if you can afford it. It gives wonderful
flavor and color to water, or sparkling water. It comes in a variety of refreshing fruit flavors.
Lemonade lovers can be happily satisfied using natural lemon concentrate or the juice from
real lemons, which are both very low in carbs. Or, if you have some more budget wiggle room,
most supermarkets now sell Pure Lemon packets. They consist of lemon flavored powder which
is easily dissolved in water. They taste wonderful and don’t have artificial additives. Adding
these options to a pitcher of pure water and sweetening with our on plan sweeteners makes
divine tasting and incredibly healthy lemonade. The same can be done with small amounts
of unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate. Those who like juice spritzers could do a similar
thing using sparkling mineral water instead of regular water.

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