Tossing Balls – Picture yourself throwing one ball up and down

Picture yourself throwing one ball up and down. It’s quite easy, and once you’ve learned how
to catch that one ball well, you don’t have to burn much energy to do it. You can mindlessly
throw up then catch. It becomes so easy that it’s natural to become lazy with the simple process.
That’s essentially what happens when you stay on a diet that utilizes only one fuel type or
one setting of calories. Some diets like Atkins and the paleo approach throw a constant S ball
at you. Others like the South Beach Diet or Mediterranean Diet use the E ball. These E type
diets wisely warn you against spiking your blood sugar and encourage a focus on lean proteins
and whole grains, but it’s still the same ball over and over. Some extreme diets like HCG and
Biggest Loser even want you to throw the Fuel Pull ball up and down, again and again, for
long periods of time. Dangerous!
All these different diets that hit upon a certain metabolic principle have merits. They
wouldn’t become famous and offer results if they didn’t work and we can learn a lot from most
of them.

But, they keep you doing a similar thing continually. One ball up and down. Your
body can’t help but get lazy with the process. However, with two or more balls (alternating S
and E balls), your body has to get more active to keep catching. Fuel Pulls are the lowest of all
calorie meals. Including some of these now and then throws a third ball at your body to juggle.
Your body has to be constantly on its toes to manage the change ups. You’ll be burning all sorts
of energy trying to figure out what ball is coming at you next. The magic of alternating these
meal types is how your metabolism becomes a furnace.
If you’re in tune with your body, these changes can occur naturally. After a few high calorie
meals, it feels natural for your body to crave lighter fare. After lots of fat, it’s time for leaner
foods. After several meals of glucose, it’s time to give that metabolic pathway a break. After
feasting, you can listen to your body when it whispers, “Give me refreshing light food for a
meal or two.”

It’s the same natural inclination as when you crave savory or salty foods after too much
sweet. After lots of work, you feel like resting; after lots of rest, you feel like working. In the
exercise world, rest periods are as important as the days of light workouts and then heavier
workouts. It’s the cycle of life.
Do not make each day a constant diet.
While it’s good to learn about this premise, and some people can naturally do it, our plan
makes sure these changes will happen, even if you don’t easily hear the inner whisper of your
body. The fantastic thing about not getting stuck using only one dietary principle is that your
food options expand extraordinarily. You have a smorgasbord of healthy options open to you
at every meal. You can choose to eat grains and lean proteins, or you can choose lots of fat and
dine on red meat and greens. You can choose to pull your calories back and eat lightly with a
Fuel Pull, comforted with the fact that you get to eat more heartily any time you choose. We
find it’s almost a delight to incorporate some very low-calorie meals because we are not being
forced to do it. When your body is nourished so often with lots of fat in S meals and healthy
grains in E meals, pulling them out sometimes feels like a natural pause—a healthy break. A
Fuel Pull actually feels like a welcome change.