Cooking Food Does Not Always Destroy Nutrients

Yes, raw vegetables are healthy, and most people need to eat more of them, but Colleen is miss-
ing out on some health promoting properties that are only released from cooked vegetables.
According to a recent study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, steamed broccoli
has higher concentrations of many carotenoids than raw. Amazingly, even after cooking, broc-
coli retains nearly 70 percent of its vitamin C, and virtually all of its kaempferol, which is a
flavonoid that saves cells in the body. Steamed broccoli with butter would be very soothing for
Colleen’s digestive tract which is constantly dealing with harsh roughage.
Colleen would probably be surprised to learn that a recent German study published in the
British Journal of Nutrition, found that 77 percent of 198 people following a strict raw food
diet had plasma lycopene levels below what is considered optimum. Lycopene is a powerful
antioxidant, proven to reduce the risk of several cancers. Tomatoes are an excellent source of
lycopene, but Colleen is not receiving their full potential, because she believes cooking destroys
them. In fact, cooked tomatoes have much higher concentrations of lycopene. Roasting toma-
toes causes cell walls to burst, releasing more of this powerful flavonoid. Lycopene is fat solu-
ble, therefore eating roasted tomatoes with coconut oil, olive oil, or even butter, should help
bring Colleen’s levels back to a health promoting level.
While this advice is not relevant to most people, Colleen actually needs to lower her raw
vegetable and fruit intake and find balance with more protein-centered meals, including some
healthy animal products and soothing cooked vegetables. Colleen does not need to keep pun-
ishing her body to attain long-term health. The meals she eats purge her body, but they do not
nourish and soothe. A hot meal that includes fat releases oxytocin in the body. Colleen’s body
desperately needs more release of this chemical which fights stress and diseases in the body.
We’ll learn more about this important chemical in later chapters.
Hopefully, Colleen will learn that she does not need to be such a raw zealot to ensure opti-
mum health. She should take a more gentle approach to food. Including some warming whole
foods in her diet will not be the undoing of her health. In further chapters, Colleen will learn
that God has quite a bit to say about what foods are supposed to be received by our bodies.
Letting go of fears and trusting in His higher wisdom will bring peace and comfort to Colleen’s
entire family.