Nuts Are In ,“Franken Foods” or Shortcuts?

You are welcome to enjoy nuts with S meals or as S snacks. They are predominately made of pro-
tein and fat, with just a few carbs, usually between two to five net grams per serving. Like non-
starchy veggies, those amounts don’t create issues with blood sugar. Spicy Nuts (Snacks, Chapter
24) and cheese are a wonderful snack when you need a little pick me up in the afternoon.

We don’t give license to go crazy when eating nuts. Unlike non-starchy veggies, they are
very high in calories so moderation is a good idea. They are also very filling and your body
usually knows when to stop eating them. Note the word “usually.” Some people don’t have a
stop button when it comes to nuts. Peanuts in the shell are a good idea for people with portion
control issues. Shelling the peanuts takes time and you’ll end up consuming fewer nuts than
eating pre-shelled nuts.
We don’t want to give hard and fast restrictions on how many nuts you can have when
eating them in an S setting, but if you are one whose body does not signal well when you are
satisfied, try not to consume more than a couple of handfuls. That amount should be fine for
most body types in an S setting. If you find it hard to eat only two handfuls when there is a
large container of nuts sitting around begging to be scarfed, put snack sized portions into bag-
gies, and take a baggie out to naturally set your limit at snack time.
Nut and seed flours are going to come in very handy when you begin using them for
making S style breads, muffins, and desserts. Do we have some goodies in store for you!


“Franken Foods” or Shortcuts?
If you take a more purist approach to eating, like Serene, you will be satisfied on S by simply
eating all the delicious meals you can put together with whole foods like meat, cheese, butter,
cream, vegetables, berries, nuts, and seeds and their ground flours. There are limitless ideas for
meals and desserts that satisfy. You’ll be content within these boundaries and will not feel you
need to color outside these lines. But, we are aiming for a lifetime approach, and some may
think the idea of not having pasta with a meat sauce is unbearable and “unsticktoable” (that
might be a new word). Ordinarily, noodles with any kind of creamy, cheesy, or meaty sauce
causes the dilemma of high-carbs and fats thrust together, and those two dreaded words—
weight gain.
There is good news if you don’t always want to stick to spaghetti squash or peeled zucchini
as pasta, although we think they are yummy. Spaghetti squash creates delightful angel hair type
noodles and it’s delicious tossed with butter and parmesan cheese. However, we do want to
educate you about some diabetic friendly pastas that don’t raise blood sugar. They are perfectly
approved for S meals, and they are delicious.
What about bread? Bread and butter? Bread and cheese? Buns and burgers? They fit in the
“no, no” category of carbs and fats, right? Yes, if you’re trying to lose weight. We have plenty of
S bread recipes and alternatives in the recipe sections, which are nourishing and yummy and
don’t contain heaps of carbs. Feel welcome to smear butter on them. You can also purchase
plan approved, low blood sugar impact pitas, tortillas, and breads, etc., that are fine to be
paired with fats like cheese or mayo. You won’t have to go without lasagna, BLT’s, quesadillas,
burritos, or even egg salad sandwiches.


Pearl chats: Serene is going to block her ears right now because I am going to talk
about some items that I use to keep myself completely content following this eating
lifestyle. Serene calls them “Franken foods.” I think of them as shortcuts. Sure, I’ll be
the first to say these items may not be superfoods, but they are not destructive to
the plan when used in moderation. Most of these specialty items are now available
at your local supermarket, as the concept of elevated sugar levels is becoming more
understood and accepted.
You’ll still lose weight and won’t feel like you are missing out while incorporating
these standard foods that are too hard for some of us to give up. O
Serene chats:
For the purists who don’t mind a little extra time (just a few minutes)
and don’t want to miss out either, we have included delicious recipes for muffins,
crackers, breads, corn chips, etc. S meals can be fully enjoyed in a more superfoody
way. These “franken foods” are not a necessary part of the plan, although I admit I’ll
use some of them for my husband now and then. O
Pearl chats: Yes, I make and enjoy many of the recipes we have created too, Serene.
But, there are many, like me, who want the ease of being able to buy these types of
items pre-made for convenience. I try to keep my diet centered on whole foods, but
throwing in a “shortcut” purchased item now and then can make life easier. There may
be a preservative here or there, and a little soy flour included sometimes (a bit of a
no, no), but these items are full of fiber and often high in protein. They will not act like
regular flour based items and spike your blood sugar. We will include a full list of these
acceptable specialty items, but I’d like to make special mention of Dreamfields pasta.
It tastes great, and I don’t know anybody who wants to miss out on genuine lasagna
or spaghetti with meat sauce, or any other Italian style pasta recipe.
The creators of this product patented a way for the carbohydrates to leave the
body the same way as fiber does. Basically, they ride on the back of the fiber on their
way through the body. Under a microscope, this cooked pasta looks more like a pro-
tein than a grain, and it acts the same way in the body. Dreamfields is available at
our local Walmart and Kroger supermarkets here in the South US, but it is also easily
purchased via the internet.
I also make use of Joseph’s brand pita and lavish breads for sandwiches quite
often, and these are readily found at Walmart in the deli section. Gluten intolerant
people should stick to our homemade recipes, as these bought items do have small
amounts of wheat. O
Trim Healthy Mama
Serene chats: Can I unblock my ears, yet? Okay, I am very happy making noodles out of
zucchini and spaghetti squash—super delicious. We have easy to follow recipes in the
recipe sections. I don’t eat Dreamfields myself since it’s not quite pure enough for me,
but go ahead and try it if you’re an Italian food lover. You’ll still be on plan, but don’t
eat it every day, please! Stick to real foods as often as you can.
There are some wonderfully healthy noodles made from the konjac root called shiri-
taki or yam noodles and I would urge you to eat them as often as your budget can
afford. They get my purism seal of approval and I do not call them “franken foods.”