Heavy Equipment Required Raw Green Colleen

Heavy Equipment Required
Much of Colleen’s time is taken up with sprouting, juicing, dehydrating, and all the extra prep
her meals require. Of course, she has to wash the juicer after each quart of juice, which only
takes four times as long as it does to assemble it. Try that three times a day!
She eats neither meat nor dairy, consuming mainly live plant foods. Salads, nuts and seeds,
superfood smoothies, fruits, dehydrated crackers, and occasional lentil soups, baked potatoes, and brown rice make up her diet. She shares some similarities to our first friend, Jane, in that
she likes to snack on a lot of dried fruit. She’s a whiz at making tasty balls from coconut butter,
nuts, seeds, raw honey, and yes, more dried fruit.

 She Doesn’t Give Up

Her husband misses hearty hot meals at suppertime, but since he gets to eat whatever he wants
at work for lunch, he tolerates the night time meal, which he affectionately calls “rabbit food.”
Concerned friends and relatives make comments that their children are too thin, but Colleen
brushes them off thinking that with all the childhood obesity today, it is a good thing her
children are not headed in that direction. She firmly believes the human body is not supposed
to carry any extra fat. Her diet gurus assure her that one can get sufficient calcium from dark
green leafy vegetables and carrot juice. They tell her that nuts, seeds, and sprouts provide suf-
ficient protein for anybody.
The first couple of years eating this way, Colleen was over the moon with the changes she
noticed on this diet. Her allergies left, she shed 20 pounds, gained abundant energy, and tried to
convert anybody who would listen to her predominantly raw way of life. She became free of breast
lumps since starting her extreme diet. The next two years were not quite as joyous. Strangely, her
energy levels no longer bubbled over, but she put her tiredness down to the fact that this diet
required so much work. She hung in there, determined this was best for her and her family.
In her fourth year of eating a predominantly raw diet, Colleen became pregnant. She strug-
gled with low energy, but did not sway from her ideals. She gained less than 15 pounds which
her midwife thought was not near enough, but she was rewarded with a healthy 7 1⁄2 lb. baby
boy. She felt relieved and justified. All those people who said she needed dairy and meat were
wrong. Weren’t they?

Tiny Seeds of Doubt

For the first time Colleen wonders if she is making the wisest nutritional choices for herself
and her family. These seeds of doubt are worrisome since she has been fully persuaded for so
long that nothing could be superior to her pure way of eating. It requires much self-denial,
work, and determination. She is sure it is the pinnacle of all dietary lifestyles, and there could
be nothing wiser or better. She cannot see herself going back to the Standard American Diet
she used to live on.
However, now her baby is a year and a half, and Colleen feels a pit in her stomach when
she looks inside his mouth and sees his narrow looking, brown stained teeth. Why are they like
this when all her other children were blessed with strong pearly whites? Surely it couldn’t be
the pure, life-giving diet she lived on while she was pregnant?

Last week, she took her children to the dentist and was aghast to hear that her youngest
already had cavities in his new teeth. “Have you given him juice bottles or allowed him to
sleep with a bottle in his mouth?” she was asked. “Never!” she’d answered. “He was exclusively
What left her feeling even more defeated was when she was told some of her other children
would need fillings for cavities. Why, when they had started out with such healthy teeth? Cavi-
ties had never been a problem before this change to a more raw diet. It’s not like she allowed
them to eat candy or drink soda. Hey, they had baby carrots, fruit, and nuts for snacks. They
also had regular brushing habits.
Colleen’s idealistic world is beginning to crumble. Not only are her children showing signs
of deficiencies, but now she has some concerns about herself. She’s losing muscle tone, even
though she walks a good hour every day. She’s noticing more cellulite, even on her arms, which
she can’t understand. While she could still be considered thin, her figure has changed. Her
scales don’t reflect any weight gain, but her stomach seems to be protruding. She knows she’s
slouching more, and that doesn’t help the look of her figure, but she can’t work out why she
looks three months pregnant when she’s not.