The Energizing Meal


Welcome the E meal to center stage . . . round of applause! E meals consist of a moderate
amount of starch from foods like whole grains, beans, certain root vegetables, or natu-
ral sugar from fruit (fructose). They contain enough lean protein to help ward off any sugar
spikes and to help increase the hormone glucagon which has a tempering effect on insulin’s fat
promotion. They also include just a little bit of fat. E meals will give you some pep since they
offer your body glucose as your primary fuel source. They, like S meals, will also make you slim
because of the way they’re designed.
They are higher in carb counts than S meals, due to the inclusion of starch and fruit, but
they are never a license to overdo carbs. They are designed to never spike your blood sugar too
high, but they do offer a healthy amount of glucose to your cells for energy.

E meals allow for many carb choices, but none of those choices are refined or processed,
and the carbs will give you energy without the later crash. Like S meals, they must be cen-
tered around a protein source, but this protein source will be leaner so that more carbs can
be consumed without weight gain. Lean protein like chicken or turkey breasts; fish such as
tuna, salmon, or any flaky white fish; or grass fed, leaner cuts of red meat like sirloin, or game
animals such as buffalo or venison, are all perfect. Leaner dairy servings like 1 percent cottage
cheese, skim ricotta or mozzarella cheese, light Laughing Cow or Weight Watchers cheese
wedges, low or non-fat plain yogurt (specifically Greek, but regular is fine if that is all your

budget can afford) and plain, low-fat kefir, are perfectly suited. Don’t fret about the flavor of
plain, yogurt, we offer you healthful ways to sweeten it up.
Here’s a quick preview into what an E breakfast may look like:
A stack of three generous sized Trim Healthy Pancakes (Morning Meals, Chapter 18),
topped with blueberries, 0% Greek yogurt, and if you like,
a swirl of light maple flavored syrup.
Sound good? You bet it is.
Let’s have a look at what the seesaw ratio in an E meal look like. Notice how this E seesaw
is the exact opposite of the S one? Now carbs are higher so down fat must go. Once again,

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